We expertise in hiring for AeroSpace, Finance, HealthCare, Auto, Media , Hospitality Industry

Recruitment is one of the most basic and touchy work for any association. During the 1990s recruitment has changed its shape from posting ads and getting hold of the candidates to web recruitment. In the first decade of 2000, with the progression of innovation, some savvy recruiters have risen with new recruitment strategies.

Snappy bounce to 2019, discovering and hiring talent has turned into a test for any association and any talent acquisition team, keeping up the industry based skillset has turned into a test for any business.

With Hire Uz, you will get consolidated involvement of 10+ years crosswise over recruiting, sales, resume writing in a wide range of industries, customized industry-based recruitment and employment solutions. We are expertise in industry-based recruitment, and you name the business, we hunt the heads for you.

Health Care

Everybody in this world knows about the significance and relativity of the health care services industry. Additionally, it is obvious that people has discerning of the health care industry, understanding has taken tremendous turn and individuals are interested to put their wellbeing upon the exclusive expectations. On regular thought of Health Care services, tech mammoths like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple are contributing to global warming, natural difficulties to see the best wellbeing interests of individuals.

The proportion speculations are additionally expanding every day in the health care industry. Hire Uz recruiters have effectively actualized and executed recruitment as a solution (RaaS) for different customers and remained on the ball in the Healthcare Industry. We put high-standard relationships with our clients and ensure that companies find the quality talent at the required time.

Environment: Diagnostics, Primary health centres, Secondary health care, Medical Equipment, Super Speciality Hospitals and so on.

Significant Clients, we worked in the health care industry are Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), Johnson and Johnson, UnitedHealth group and so on.


The Automobile market is advancing with fly speed into a focused and refined world. This market improving into innovation with no restriction. Client experience is the principle moto behind the main impetus. The Silicon valley investment statistics are tributes for the challenge, strategic development.
As to see that their client’s wellbeing and to spare world natural reforms, overall automobile specialists like Tesla, Kia Motors, Volkswagen are investing in electrical vehicles innovation vision in the car space. At Hire Uz we drive recruiters towards industry-based recruitment, we can loudly say that our recruiters are subject matter experts in automobile industry hires, we plunge into our customers point of view and start thinking from that point to find the best pool of talent.

Environment: Auto Spares, Cars, Buses, small scale automobile, large scale automobile and so on.

Significant Clients, we worked in the automobile industry are Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, BMW, Roush Industries, Ford and so on.

Aerospace and Government

The Aerospace and Defense segment firmly managed by government arrangements. Quickly changing human brain science, understanding the value of time and wanting for solidarity has expedited the precarious footing of this market.

We are glad to admit that we pulled in the best talent for a wide scope of jobs.

We hired for Design, Analysis, Simulation, Software Development, Supply Chain, Sales, Business Development, and Finance that have demonstrated their monetary and budgetary development.

Environment: Aerospace spares, Aeronautical engineer products, Infrastructure network, and Information Technology.

Significant Clients We worked in the Aerospace and Government Industry are Departments of Defence (DOD) – MI, DOE – NY, DOE – FL, Oregon Health Authority – Oregon, USA

Media and Social Media

Media is one of the adaptable business that has the market for solid, relative, fresh and cutting edge content. Then again, People crosswise over waters go through around 9 hours every day on the web, and online life has demonstrated that it is one of the best stages for exchange blasts. Social Media has earned an essential stake in the planet’s economy from the day of the web blast. This acquired an enormous flood in the need for inventive, innovative, self-sustainable ability. As a profession, we are web recruiters, have the delight of putting additional time in innovative work. It has turned out to be simple for uz to make a talent pool.

Environment: Internet marketing, Social media marketing, SEO, Writing blogs, learning management software (LMS) and so on.

Significant Clients, we worked in the Media and Social Media industry are Thomson Reuters, Facebook, and Twitter.