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Integrate our Neo-Sourcing RPO services into your global business and hit the hay. Hire Uz’s hiring management is a worthy addon to your business with out breaking your bank. We have expertise in Information Technology, Engineering, Clinal industry’s niche, and nano-needs.

RPO industry is a dog-eat-dog world has pitfalls.

Socratic-Style Interrogation in RPO
Hire Uz’s RPO recruiters use socratic-style interrogation to screen and present to you the talent that would fit like a glove. Our business model is “we won’t call it a day unless prove ourselves the best”, we won’t chase rainbows, we chase talent. You will feel that our recruitment services will separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our RPO approach to your Hire
Majority of hiring managers believe that RPO companies send a lot of inadequately matched candidates for their requirements. Hire Uz RPO recruiting services are designed to take care of this issue with a plan of action developed from the beginning and only present spot on candidates to the hiring managers.

What RPO operations would you need?
Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) operations provide you talent acquisition services and HR services for IT and Non-IT requirements that solve consent, scalability, cost, quality or other recruitment challenges.

What is the importance of integrating RPO into your function?
Regardless of the size businesses depend on internal teams to source talent. And with such a daunting task on their plate, even the best sourcing teams need support. RPO service has become a hot potato, more and more companies are partnering with RPO service providers to support their internal teams or their entire recruitment function to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process.

Three types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Programs

We breathe ACCOUNTABILITY, live the PROCESS, and enjoy the PERFORMANCE

Full Cycle RPO Hiring - Operations

Sourcing, Screening, interviewing, hiring, branding, onboarding, you name it, Hire Uz’s RPO operations nails it for you. This full cycle implementation offering is for completely outsourcing your talent acquisition and recruitment. We design and implement customized solutions for you. ACCOUNTABILITY is our vision and passion, our recruiting experts team will work for you, we will be responsible for achieving your business and talent acquisition goals.

Project Recruitment – Quality, Quantity, and Deliverability

RPO is an ideal solution for specific business challenges that surround a merger or acquisition event, corporate relocation, geographical expansion, new product launch, or just a capacity gap with tight timelines. In such a  partnership, Hire Uz takes responsibility for the project recruitment PROCESS, where our recruiting team focuses on balancing the quality, quantity, and delivery of talents. We not only get the right people in, but we can make it happen fast.

Hire a Recruiter – Cost Per Effort

Take advantage of our recruiters on a headcount basis. This type of partnership empowers you to run your business more cost effectively as our recruiters help and take care of recruiting, your HR team can focus on all the other mission critical tasks. Hire Uz complements your current recruitment processes with dedicated recruiters just for you. Our recruiters live and breathe your culture, mission, and vision while providing you best talent.

How RPO works for you?

  • At Hire Uz, we believe in the exponential value and provide the solutions for businesses like you that are looking to hire incredible talent.
  • Without a second thought our talent aquisition team is not only head hunters but are investors too. We all invest our time on growing our pool of readily available and top-tier talent, and spend less time looking for roles to work on.
  • Employers using Hire Uz certainly have full control when selecting which recruiters they would like to engage with for their job requirements. This means employers are never compromising on quality, time, or budget.
  • Job aspirants using Hire Uz could get the career advice when applying for the jobs, meaning job applicants could sell their resume by utilising our premium consulting service.

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