Manage all your STAFFING, Hiring with Hire Uz

It is proven fact that HR and  Staffing is one  of the most efficient, critical and sensitive department for any organisation. Workforce management has become a challenge for any organisation and for any HR, maintaining the right skillset in-house would not be cost-effective. Creating the hybrid talent network that incorporates the contracted, experienced players with in-house team could be an effective strategy.

In the best interests of workforce and economic management, the outsourcing models emerged to run client’s course with cost effective models. When organisations started cutting corners in the HR departments, staffing agencies emerged like mushrooms.

Hire Uz recruiters are unique and creative, our recruitment team inhales staffing culture for your vision. We stick to your guns, and deliver the best fit talent for your needs and will let of steam.​

Executive Staffing

Professional and Management Staffing

In the era of evolving visions, missions, ventures, professions, and technologies, no matter the industry finding the best talent with managerial skills has become one among the hassles for any organization.

Management professional staffing practice at Hire Uz provides customer recruitment services that help companies customize business needs, develop requirements that can manage their executive teams. We integrate individuals and teams into our clients’ management workforce by delivering the best management talent.

We are masters in Executive staffing and promptly provide customers with the Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technical Officers, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Chief Operations Officers, Chief human resources officers, Chief financial officers and so on. You tell the requirement, we deliver it.

Information Technology Staffing

Information Technology Staffing

With a decade of working experience with tech monsters like you, we have discovered that updating the technology stack and finding the right tech talent has become the key factor for business growth. Don’t wait for the stack to rule your businesses, strike while the iron is hot.

We offer you custom made hybrid staffing or full-time staffing solutions for all your technology requirements with a brisk turn around time. Our technical recruiters are proficient in the business at sourcing both dynamic, passive candidates and ensure that finding the best talent will not turn into a roadblock for your business when delivering on IT projects that help your key business activities.

We say only what we do, we cannot compromise on the client’s satisfaction for finance.  Our trusted Information Technology staffing provides talent for requirements like Software Developer, Automation Engineer, CMS Developer, HR Recruiter, DevOps, DevSysOps, Business Analyst, System Analyst, and so on.

Clinical Staffing

Clinical Staffing

Hire Uz has owned name and fame for hiring talent that is certified, excelled and experienced. We have excelled in using our growing network of clinical professionals, social connects. Clinical resources require solid experience, insights, and regular updates on both technologies, and the health sciences.

Constant and reliable man hours of our recruiters maintain a pipeline of the candidates you need. We respond promptly with the best talent for your clinical talent needs. Our specialized clinical talent acquisition team comes from the scientific background, and has profound knowledge in FDA, WHO, ICI, and other industry regulations, and finds you the best clinical resources.

We inhale your need and help you find highly-specialized, licensed and qualified clinical resources like Clinical Director, Medical Officers, Microbiologists, Oncologists, Biostatistician, Quality Assurance, Medical Technologists, Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health Nurse and Medical Writers.

Engineering Staffing

Engineering Staffing

In a rapidly growing engineering world, the margin for error has been drastically decreasing and finding the top talent for an innovative vision is most important. HireUz has rose recruitment accomplishments on the value of the best talent with consistency.

Hire Uz engineering staffing provides customers recruitment services across the seas with solid, exceptionally experienced and qualified talent, for the permanent, contract to hire, contract, part-time, and freelancing from the talent network of set candidates and passive talent pool. With over 90% of our business achieved from rehash or referred customers.

HireUz Engineering reliably provides customers with the architects, engineers, designers, drafters, technicians, coordinators, essayists, editors, both technical support, and non-technical support pros expected to drive venture accomplishment from vision to economy.


An outsourced agency called Managed service Provider (MSP) that interfaces between a third-party supplier such as a staffing agency, online marketplace, or SOW supplier, and enterprise managers searching for talent.

Often Businesses rely on MSP to cut the administrative cost of finding, engaging and managing talent, clients reach out to staffing agency, online staffing marketplace, or SOW supplier for their independent contractor needs.

We are experts in working with top MSP out there in the market. We have MSP exclusive recruiters who take care of all MSP needs. We acquire different clients with the same MSP platform. We deliver the best talent in today’s complex talent marketplace.

Clients use an internal software application called Vendor Management System (VMS) that helps facilitate the process of candidate sourcing, recruitment, paper work, on-boarding, and management.

VMS cuts the human resources cost of finding and managing vendors. VMS is software application which automates most of the works that are performed by HR like vendor management, agreements, schedules, and deliveries.

We have strong experience in VMS function with top clients. We offer quick turnaround time (TAT), accountability, and 100% matching resumes. Henceforth, we are the “most honest and preferred “Resource Partner” of top clients and VMSs.

How it Works For You?

  • Each of our recruiter is a search engine and lead machine.
  • Our recruiters maintain relations with passive job seekers to get you off the hook
  • Hire Uz go on record, we are consistent in providing the best talent to our clients
  • In our nest recruiters invest more time in research and less time sourcing people
  • Talent hunters at Hire Uz build the strategy for niche practices and will mark a fingure print for better talent juice.