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Our logical approach makes us stand out from the crowd

We were selected by the client to establish their partnership with Hire Uz for delivering 60 hires a year across wide range requirements in their various locations. When we were appointed, the employer had a in-house recruitment team who were facing challenges with the volume and difficulty of their vacancies, in particular the demand around engineering vacancies.

Our hiring approach:

With a strategic approach to sourcing, we have been able to quickly build strong relationships across the business and deliver on their expectations, reducing time to fill and realizing cost savings.

Key job families are:

Design Engineer, Production Engineer, CAD Designer, Project Coordinator and so on. (phone based and face to face). Mechanical Fitters, Drivers, Logistics Manager, Store supervisor, etc.

A Data Analytics project originally needed a recruitment partner to manage their project as they were launching several insurance and savings products. Along with meeting several candidates and supervising the initial interview processes, Hire Uz managed all pre-employment screening for client candidates, including psychometric testing, credit and reference checks.

Our recruitment approach

Hire Uz has recruited over 30 junior and senior management professionals for our client, along with providing pre-employment support.

Key job families are:

.Net Developer, SQL Developer, SQL DBA, QA Engineer, and so on. (phone based and face to face). Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, etc.

A super-specialty surgery center focus was attempting to employ the best Clinical Service Manager. They gave a shot with different recruitment vendors in the marketplace, was not getting the remarkable pool of candidates that they might in a perfect world want to choose.

Our recruiting methodology:

Hire Uz’s methodology towards investigating the requirements had made them lean towards us. After going through 30 minutes on a call with the Hire Uz recruitment team, our recruiters understood that our customer needs something remarkable and unique about the job they were publicizing.

As the necessities of this platform were increasingly developing, we hired a candidate with the clinical and personal abilities to take the patient services forward.

Key job families:

Clinical Services Manager, Medical Practioner with MS license, Information Security Architect

Our Customer faced a hard challenge in finding the right talent for their open requirements while working with other agency’s and it only complicated thing on thier end with no progress until Hire Uz jumped in to save the day.

Our recruiters have been working closely with their executive team on some key strategic engineering and IT requirements and have made some significant placements, as well as conduct due diligence for potential acquisitions.

Key job families are:

CAD Engineer, Project Managers, Scientists, and Service Delivery Manager

Government projects have governance and its implementation policies, 99% of the government clients need security clearance for the candidates that they hire. We have expertise in MSPs (managed service provider) from 2014, and filled dozens of requirements for our client.

Our client has an MSP and we are tier 2 vendors for our client. They were hunting for the top-notch recruitment agency to find them Java resource with security clearance, they have ended up on a sad note. Our recruiters jumped in the ocean of passive hunting and provided them an awesome candidate experience, had put them out of misery. A win-win situation for both of us.

Key job familes: Java Developer, .Net programmer, Project Manager, IT Business Analyst, System Analyst, etc.

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