Women's equal participation and empowerment

How we offer equal opportunities?

Gender discrimination is downright unfair and sexist. We believe employees can’t fit between a rock and a hard place.  We are enthusiastic about promoting a women empowered and women centered culture, guaranteeing that our women can perform their maximum capacity at their own pace.

How we follow Equal Remuneration Act?

Statistics prove that women get paid less than their male counterparts. Under the new legislation of equal remuneration act, companies are required to publish their gender pay gap to ensure they are  transparent about the way their people are paid.

What do Women get at Hire Uz?

Our employees are our family, at Hire Uz (www.hireuz.com) we aim to give all our family members satisfying, strong and balanced financial professions. Female workers are constantly abused and demoralized by their male colleagues. Thus, we see how female empowerment is the need of the hour. 

How do we respect Women?

We pledge to support Women Empowerment. We empower our women to speak up for themselves and never be a victim of justice. As a business, our main area of the reports and results incorporates an exceptionally enormous number of temporary workers engaged by our customers. (We however have extremely limited influence on compensation and overtime rates on the employees placed over)

What are the benefits for Women workers?

We provide free on-demand training for women aspirants interested in pursuing their career, including ones on a maternity break or any personal breaks. Post-training, we offer employment with us on various roles such as Business Development, Recruiter, Content Writer, Social Media marketer, etc.

Our Associations

We are associated with National Human Rights and Social Justice and we are proud to announce that we offer workshops and training for women across the borders. 

Purchase Offers


We offer one time 10% discount to all women on all our offerings with no restrictions on validity.

Workplace Statistics


66% of women are targets of abusive conduct at work. We offer a Transparent and Progressive workplace.

Workshops for women empowerment


We offer workshops, material and training for upliftment of the professional life of women.

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